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Apparel that’s created with a meaning for a purpose!!  Not just for your money but to empower me while elevating you. Use what happens STOP only applying IT. 💙🗣

It AINT about your money….. it’s about your elevation.
Is that something you’re willing to pay for is the question???


You wanted a discount on your greatness… now you wondering, why it’s coming apart at the seems.


I’ve started a movement in your honor….. Blue Lips Don’t Care


Their is a chapter in the book Titled Blue isn’t just a color; it’s an attitude. That tell about the experience, emotions and mindset of loosing you.


I’ve created a clothing line in memory of you.

#JKB Just Keep Blooming Apparel

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  • J.K.B Sports bra
  • No Permission Tank top
  • J.K.B Crop Hoodie
  • Skater Dress
  • J.K.B Spiral notebook
  • J.K.B Shorts
  • J.K.B Shorts
  • J.K.B Plus Size Leggings
  • J.K.B Leggings
  • J.K.B Men fleece sweatpants
  • J.K.B fleece sweatpants
  • J.K.B glossy mug
  • J.K.B Cut & Sew Tank Top
  • J.K.B Crop Top
  • J.K. B Men's fleece shorts
  • NP Short sleeve t-shirt