About Sierra

Sierra has had the gift of being someone people can talk to as far back as she can remember she’s been the voice of reasoning for Mini, and it seems even at a young age people valued her (advice) two cent. In 41 years she’s never met a stranger. Yep she’s the person random people find comfort in talking to in the line at the grocery store.Is it her laughter that’s calming and explosive all at the same time, perhaps it’s her magnetic personality that draws you in like your favorite movie. Could it be her illuminating smile that feels like sunshine, or the warmth of her soul that comforts you like a slice of grandma’s warm apple pie. There is no question, to why she’s been invited to speak in pool pits around her city. And finds great joy in mentoring at a few local high school and elementary school.No reason to wonder why when doing speaking engagements, she connects with the audience. Whether if it’s at a women’s retreat with the room of 500+ women. or something more intimate like in a local park with a small group of people.Whatever it is, you can expect Sierra to do it with T. L. C while connecting with it. She’s takes that saying “put yourself, in my shoes” literally. Sierra finds joy in doing unto others, as she would do unto herself. So she delivers as if she was there sitting in the audience and needed the message.



To the Hugh D. Burgess estate, to every black child knowing who they are, who they really are! To the embellishment of systematic racism and every life taken. To not being judged by the color of their skin, instead by the content of their character. To no longer needing hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, #CancerSucks and #NotMySon.To Black Wall Street Part II. To the freedom bells that have yet to ring, to the unheard cries of our Ancestors who’s scared and unscarred, backs we stand upon. To my Mother, Father, siblings and all my fill in the blank people. And last but not least, me.