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Did I do That?

Someone asked me the other day how was I? I replied, without even thinking I’m emotionally exceptional. Although on the phone, you could hear the pause from their reaction. Which made me smile by the way. Emtionally-exceptional I repeated to myself, and then I thought ok I like it. I was speaking now because I’ve held my peace long enough.

Having this inner-standing that my words have power, rather if I speak them or not. So I wasn’t just going to, speak on the emtions I was feelings and not allow myself to be how I’m feeling. How often do we take our emotions surrounding a thing, an only focus on that. Allowing you to forget all that is or could be. I said allowing yourself, because doing that is defiantly a choice. Perhaps, that you’ve been unaware that you were even making a choice. Even so, didnt you see you still will reap the consequences. Hence why I mentioned, what’s unspoken has power also.

Did I do that? Did I just with this simple choice, change the state of my thought process? Did I do that? Did I just allow myself, as some might say, see the good in the bad? Did I just give myself permission to bloom even under emotional circumstances?

So to answer your question…. Yes, I DID DO THAT!

And, so can you.

To Bloom or not to BLOOM is a choice. To only see the bad is a choice. To find joy in your journey, shouldn’t be measured by the good’s or bad’s. Yet rather, determined from the intentional choices you make.

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