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Hakuna Matata

It means no worries.……

And, as I remember this popular song, the part that got my attention, wasn’t the It means no worries. Although that was something I needed to be reminded of. If you are not on the same page allow me to bring you into my random moment. This song I can remember hearing in the Famous Movie The Lion King.

Simba, was the lead singer of this song, as he, Timon, and Pumbaa declared their freedom into not having to worry. Hakuna Matata, hakuna 🎶matata, hakuna 🎶 matata, they chanted. When was the last time you needed to tell yourself, no worries? May I say it to you this way? Life should be experienced, not just lived.

It means no worries….. FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS!

You are the key, your very own remedy, the actual antidote to all that I’ll’s you! You, yes you, are the missing, perhaps still the undiscovered puzzle piece you’ve been waiting on and looking for. I love to be the one to tell you, how you can give yourself the opportunity to see that sometimes the issue IS U. Hakuna Matata…. means no worries, I mentioned that the no worries part wasn’t the part of the song that really made me want to rejoice. Maybe it didn’t stand out for you, as it did for me. So allow me to share with you.

The idea of you not worrying, is not to be short-lived. Yet rather something you should have complete access to (for the rest of your days) all day every day. Now allowing yourself to supersize your (consciousness) heart and mindset will disrupt all old ways of thinking. Then perhaps you can now rejoice with me in knowing, In this life, ( you shall have tribulations) trails will come, fact.! Yet, more importantly, to know that having a problem-free philosophy life starts, continues, and end with you.

#InMySimbaVoive I laugh

in the face of danger

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