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Heart + Courage =‘s Selfesteem

Destiny does it again, everyone! 🧩 Tune in and find out what. OMME…… the energy on this recording what beyond amazing. Don’t wait listen in, as the Tampa Bay Business Woman of 2007-2011 rants with us. The phenomenal Pamala Mc Coy, her goal is to strengthen our community networks. While empowering individuals through delivering powerful credit educational awareness and financial literacy ⚒️ tools. Pamala is a whole lot of joy, so much that we have to do another segment. We didn’t even get to the meat and potatoes. Yet when the show ended I was full as a tick.🤤 Next segment we will get right to business, on topics. BONA5D, #5, more details to follow. Thank you for beating with us. We are here to ensure that your heart feels like home, even for you. *RunDownSundays, has a New Episodes w/ the Special Instruction Coach…. Of A.C.3.E Academy, Eugene Graham. We start or weeks off on Sundays, here at Heartstalk. Play Your Card……. (9-12 9-26 and for next month 10-3 10-24) will run twice a month on our Episode of Run Down Sunday’s. Times with be shared, rub. Where we cover the shockwave for the week. Join us, we look forward to beating w/ you.

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