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I ‘Am The DREAM.. so I choose to Dream OUTLOUD (by example)

One this day I will admit that I completely removed my self-hatred. Allowing me to embrace the beauty of the color of my skin, the beauty of my an awakened consciousness. Don’t shoot the messenger she’s only a little girl, who grew up believing the one-sided story about people of copper-colored skin. As my adult self I can see how this didn’t stand in the way of me loving others. No matter what color, they were. 

So because I was able to do so it took a while to see it for what it was. Self hate, now I can tell you all the reasons of why I felt this way. Yet rather I saved me and you some time of just listening to me complaining, pointing the fingers, and playing the blame game. Or I could be the change to something that hindered me. Which was the choice I was choosing to make.

 First for me, then it grew bigger, this can be for my family to cut out and repair our old way of doing things. Then it grew larger than that, I want to be the example that could be seen now, right now. In my daily life, neighborhoods, community, nation, and worldwide. The vision is to sweep away learned behavior, that no longer works, no longer affords us the chance to be the best versions for ourselves, that will disrupt the old way of doing things because it was comfortable. 

I started a campaign….. to call all the dreamers! Will you join me on the mission to awaken what’s been dead long enough?   

This also speaks on some of the fantastic things you can expect from us for the next 365 days. Being intention is still the assignment and providing you with refuge, valuable resoursces, & information is still my heart set. 

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