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I’M Here For It!

Repeat after me……. this moment is dedicated to everything that loves me. Let’s give yourself permission to appreciate all things, use it as fertilizer for your soil… and (grow) Bloom. Read this part out loud, for your sake.

SAY IT, LIKE YOU MEAN IT….. I lack nothing, all that I need lives on the INSIDE of me. I release my past and I walk freely into my future, unapologetically, fearlessly, and with courage. I am open to my new inspiration, I trust my intuition to guide me when I feel uncertain. I invite peace and harmony in all my relationships. I am balanced in all areas of my life. I can’t and shouldn’t give what I’m not giving myself. “The Only Way Out Is In”

G. grounded

A. acceptance

R. reflection

D. detach

I. Internal

N. Natural

To Bloom Or Not To Bloom, Is A Choice.

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