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Loving and caring for PLwD (People LIVING with dementia)

Unlocking the mystery of dementia & dining… w Toni Fisk. Author of # dine with dignity. (available on Amazon) Listen as my heart rants to Toni about some of the new things I’m facing dealing with my parents as they, as we live with dementia. I say we because this new normal not only effects them but all who are involved in the care. Tune in this is the first episode, as I grown in the knowledge of this disease. G.I. Joe said knowing is half the battle don’t be generationally unlearned when it comes to the care of your love ones. Knowledge can help you understand what your parent or loved one is going through. “A real challenge when caring for people with dementia is to get over ourselves and our agendas the roles have been reversed and that’s all there is to it so embrace it and be there for your love ones” Toni words

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