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Podcast Launch #Getting out of your own way #King #Black #depression #anxity #Music #WorkOut #Books

I did it!! Stepping over fear, Getting out of my way. Taking it out of my mind and put it in my possession. Tonight we heard the heart prescription and takeaways from 2 amazing people. About the book I’m writing, My book is called ‘Finding Sierra’ and I am writing it because I have been on a journey to find my best most magical self. My story will help those who are looking to become their authentic self. This book needs to be written because it is time that we all ‘get out of our way’ and stop hindering ourselves from living a life that leads us to our destiny.

My book will be back from the publishers in December with the Final title and cover and will sell for $29.95, yet I have decided to offer it for sale at a pre-release price of $22.12 includes $5 postage.

to support me on my journey to published author.

To purchase a copy of my book at the pre-release price – press the link below.

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