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Rundown Sunday

Topic- Giving Thanks (every day is a day of Thanksgiving) 

The word for the month – ASSERTIVE 

Affirmation for the week-  Is brought to us by a key from Brian Hyppolite, commit to your journey of self-development and alignment

Book Club- author still unknown if you would like to be our first participant /sponsor on HeartsTalk book club email us at  

* Pay it Heart ward- The author will be interviewed about the book, from yours truly. And book club members will get a chance to purchase and come together to discuss takeaways from the book 

* Acknowledging local Barbershops in the area that participate in the book corner and to interview them 

Off Days- Hott Off The Heart is random thoughts or heart expressions that I decide to share with the audience

Kingship- a moment of silence giving to the outstanding men in our lives. This will be announced twice a month every second and fourth Wednesday. Please send emails to where a man will be selected for the nominees to be announced.  This section is just to show our gratitude and appreciation for the Y,X chromosome in our lives

Fieldtrip- once a week (day & time still to be determined) HeartsTalk will take a field trip over to Manifest University and we will host our podcast featuring Deacon Clark on Manifest Morning/ Morning Sex, more information will follow

Heart Fact- a fact about the heart, I won’t for us to not just live, but live and learn.  I will wrap up every show, with a heart fact that comes from Google search

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