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Self-Talks 101 Hi Self ☺️🥰👑🎉

Words do matter, especially the ones you say to yourself. Have you ever wondered why it is taught on so many levels, the importance of knowing how to communicate with everyone besides yourself??

Studies show, that how we feel about ourselves we will treat others. (hurt people hurt people) Then shouldn’t it be mandatory that we know ourselves??

Also, how we communicate will manifest in the life we live. So this episode is to encourage you to stop all that talking and learn how to communicate, starting with yourself.

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Your knowledge of self makes it easier for you to communicate with yourself.

Not just allowing your feelings & emotions to talk and speak for you.

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From our hearts to yours here is a Free downloadable PDF that gives you 5 Tips on effective communication.!Aj5JLLhXW5tGjlC15f7dI9pOorvV?e=EDMq8k 

 Post your takeaways, insights, and comments please, and thank you share with the classroom. Using this link transforming-the-HEART-of-self-communication-101092005186648/ — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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