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Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

I’m certian I’ve said this before, perhaps just in a different way. Words do matter especially the one you say to your self. This season, is your time to say to yourself what you’ve always wanted to hear from someelse. The outstanding thing about this season, is that the harvest waiting to bloom from this place only requires you.

What if I told you that you are who you’ve been waiting on! What if I told you that you are the person who will save the day. What if I shared with you that, the tool need to cultivate this rich ground. You have access too, actually you will be the one to create it. This season has come as an opportunity for you to show yourself what you are made of. In the book I say like this Sierra to the rescue!!!!

It might be time you stop looking, hoping, praying, paying for an outside anytime, to be the only reason you feel whole, complete, enough. You might be who you’ve been waiting on.

Place your hands on your chest….. yes right now! Place your hands on your chest and say ( say your name) say it like you mean it! (say your name) ……. and include to the rescue!!!

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