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Stop & See

It’s been said to stop and smell the flowers….. what about stopping to see the flowers?

The choice to have this post arrive at 4pm, is with intention. This is my heart language to you, so you know that this is 4 YOU!

What have you done for you lately? When was the last time you stopped and saw you? When was the last time you took a look at yourself? There is unique beauty there, I see it do you? If you can’t then there is where your problem lies. The time is now for you to see your beauty, time for you to start believing in you, time for you to come to your own rescue. It might be time you stop looking, hoping, praying, paying for anything outside of your self to be the only reason you feel happy or whole. You might be who you’ve been waiting on. In the book I say like this Sierra To The Rescue!!!!

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