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The significance behind these words is to disrupt our perception of beauty. It’s in my life of being a woman it has come to my attention that in today’s time, women are encouraged to attract, work, men, money, degrees, other women, even drama. It alarms me, that we do very little, to attract ourselves. I too was guilty of this. We’re encouraged very little on the importance of attracting, loving, and affirming ourselves. We’ve been bamboozled to think it’s only about LOOKING good. While you mask your internal pains, with external pleasures. I’m watching a surface-level beauty corrupt what’s deeply rooted. Wouldn’t you like to FEEL as good as you LOOK??? Or is covering up, dressing up, pretending really giving you the attention you desire??

Here are some free

……… you attract how you feel about you, not how you look

SMC I’d like to offer you the opportunity to behold beauty in a different way. From the inside out. When you remember that your heart beats pre-second. And the functions it plays in your everyday life. You should be ashamed of yourself for only being cough up in the outward appearance, of things. You’ve forgotten just how intentionally and wonderful you were made. A one of a kind masterpiece.

The fact is because we’re created in all shapes, colors, and sizes it’s what makes you beautiful. A one of a kind work of art. When you envy or feel in competition, it means you’re only focused on the outward appearance. Beauty is not an outward surface-level infatuation. True beauty is more than skin deep, it’s the reflection of yourself you can see in others.

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