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Words Do Matter

Making normal days a thing of the past, filling each day with heart-felt expressions. The words you speak, act as a paintbrush that will create the life you live. Words do matter, especially the ones you say to yourself! You said it, so you live it. Your words do matter! Place your right hand over your heart, and say My Words Do Matter.

If you are not celebrating you, saying good things to you, believing in you…. why is it a requirement for others? You have the ability to look beyond the dirt and despair of people, places, and things. This is one of the magical thangs about yourself. There is power in your words, they act as a paintbrush creating the life you live. If you are not happy with what’s on your canvas, you have the (paintbrush) words, and they come with power. So, all that’s needed is for you to speak it!

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